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A brillant red colour with clear violet tones which reminds us of a sparkling ruby.

Intense aromas, complex and tremendously seductive. This wine immediately captivates one with its penetrating touches of blackcurrant, raspberry, hints of ripe orange peel and subtle backdrop of noble woods. Little by little, as the wine is gently aired and is lightly swirled in the glass, floral notes start to appear, rose and orange blossom, characteristic of the powerful personality of the terroir of Espectacle, complement its initial fruit. An enveloping aroma awakes our senses and makes us feel that we are being introduced to a unique terroir.

As in earlier vintages, this wine is opulent in the mouth without being too tannic. Its concentration is based on its silkiness and especialy its incredible richness of aromas. Its velvety palate leaves one with a memory of an explosion of aromas. A splendid wine which has a wonderfully long finish.
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