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Its colour is somewhat more intense than in other vintages, yet it maintains its characteristic violet tones which are true to this wine’s current youth.

At first it appears to be closed, although its nose hints at uncommon complesity and intensity. Little bu little it opens up and express all its richness. The wine’s energetic fruitiness delights us with clear notes of ripe fruit all wrapped in precise floral tones. Violets, orange blossom and especially roses are most evident and saturate our perceptions. Year after year, espectacle surprises us with its very unique personality and without a doubt its rugged and beatiful terroir.

Mouth-watering, smooth and fresh, yet very complex. Soft tannins, ripe but definitely evident, caress our palate, filling it with multiple tactile and aromatic sensations. As always, its unusually long finish leaves us with an enduring memory of this wine.

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